Palmer DMS

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Product Description

The Palmer DMS (Dynamic Mic Switcher) routes a microphone signal to two footswitch-selectable outputs.

The Palmer DMS is a passive unit for dynamic microphones only. The switch is instantaneous and is operated via a footswitch.

The DMS provides a wide range of applications :

  • Switch your vocal mic between the FOH and monitor mixing desks to communicate with the monitor mixer or the band on stage.
  • Two different sound configurations: to switch between different effects or sounds on your microphone, e.g. a “telephone effect” or more levels of reverb. Run the outputs of the DMS into two channels of the mixing desk, that you can configure

differently. Now you can freely toggle between them on-stage at any time.

  • You can also use the DMS to route the signal to two rooms or zones and select either one.
Product type Splitters
Type passive
Split type 1 in 2
Channels 1
Inputs 1
Input connectors XLR
Max. input level n.a. dB
Number of split-outputs per canal 2
THRU outputs/channel 0
Max. output level n.a. dB
Output connectors XLR
Transformer isolated outputs no
Controls footswitch, ground lift, input pad
Cabinet material sheet steel
Cabinet surface Powder coated
Width 100 mm
Depth 120 mm
Height 60 mm
Weight 0,65 kg