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Product Description

A Reamping-Box is mainly used in studios. It allows you to play back a recorded guitar signal and send it to a guitar amp, where it can again be taken and recorded by the microphone. This allows the sound engineer to take time to experiment with the sound of the instrument using different amplifiers.

The DACCAPO box ensures optimal impedance matching and eliminates ground loop hum through the use of a transformer. The signal level to the amplifier can be adjusted with a volume control.

Product type DI Boxes
Channels 1
Inputs 1
Input connectors XLR
Max. input level +22 dBu
Input impedance 600 Ohm(s)
Outputs 1
Output connectors 6.3 mm jack
Max. output level + 22 dBu
Output impedance 100 k Ohm(s)
Frequency response 20 – 20000 Hz
Transformer balanced Yes
Ratio Variabel
Controls Gain
Cabinet material sheet steel
Cabinet surface Powder coated
Width 125 mm
Depth 80 mm
Height 45 mm
Weight 0,494 kg