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Product Description

Castor set with 4 castors (2 brakes) incl. screws for bass or guitar cabinets

Construction swivel castor with brake
Product type Guitar Speaker Cabinet Accessories
Weight 0,85 kg
Accessories (included) 12 x Flat-head Screw 19 mm black

3701 – 3701

Product type Castors
Type swivel castor
Wheel diameter 50 mm
Height 72 mm
Construction swivel castor w/o brake
Cabinet material Steel
Material thickness 1.5 mm
Wheel material Rubber
Wheel colour grey
Bearing type Friction bearing
Rated load per set (for 4 pcs.) 120 kg
Mounting hole diameter 6.5 mm
Width wheel rim 20 mm
Width tread 16 mm
Weight 0,199 kg