LD Systems BP POCKET 1

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Product Description

This bag made of durable neoprene protects your body-pack transmitters from soiling and impact. It has a feedthrough for the transmitter belt clip and provides direct access to the inputs for the antenna and instrument cable. It can be closed either by Velcro fastener or using the elastic Velcro strap for a secure hold. The bag is suitable for all LD Systems body-packs as well as those of other makes. It is also available with a display window (Art. No. LDBPPOCKET2).

Product type Wireless Microphone System Accessories
Type Bags
Colour Black
Material Imitation leather, Neoprene
Thickness of the padding 3 mm
Latch velcro
Width 30 mm
Height 100 mm
Depth 140 mm
Weight 0,02 kg